Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivings!

Happy Thanksgivings!
from Joseph Jeanes
to Pilgrim's Progress.

Titanium's Funeral James 3 KJV

Red at night, sailors delight. Red in the morning, sailors warning. My little weatherman goes home and leaves me fulfilled on having a cat that like NPR said,
"if you think you can't handle children, get a pet, then decide. Pets require as much care but you will know if you are a child abuser before you would have children". I did that.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Cat and his Journey

Today is big
Today is a day to walk
and play
My name is "Titanium"
This is my last Christmas.
I have my people pet, Joe, do
My Cat, "Charm",
is not a clumsy.
That is what people are.
A cat has a journey
and has love to follow
love to
Lead. I love God
because the Bible told me.
James 3: verse 9 (from my cat's viewpoint - [we])
October 31, 1999
Adopted December 31, 1999
selected from the Albemarle SPCA with the observation of
and since cats have no end, he leaves his fur coat in the closet and
leaves as a guest into the Palomar Observation Deck and Mountain.
Joe, Charm, and Titanium

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Walking on the Beach in Time

In a walk with people you begin a new
step everyday.
It is surprising to notice that the heart is the strongest organ we have, whether
sensitive or facing tremendous barriers.
There really is time and the clutches of time
are a transmission of what you
walk with
Music, feelings, and love are
birds of a feather.
In California, many people have
concentrated on making a better World.
The unspoken is a hope that people
at the heart of control
are willing to make your life better
only if you are willing
to stay in.
No one forces you to stay in.
The laws of attraction are enforced.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Mother born April 02, 1922 the daugher of Val Parham that died the day before Grandma Moses, Dec 13, 1961 at 79 years old, the next day, he was 80.

Mom prepared
a good life for me.
She told me never put a hand on a woman. That much
I believe. I have put Mom with my Cat, Titanium, for
her walk through
The Valley of the Shadow of Death.
She and I always appreciated honesty without thievery.

I have just finished the song "The Death of Sylvia Wells"
In G and D with some "alternating single chords", the lyrics read;
"Sylvia Wells voluntarily committed suicide, they say it was
a miracle from God, She hung herself and married
her finger..." first verse (the rest is for sale).


My Mother was much a reigning personality in

The State of Virginia.


She told me, "Joe, if you ever become a success, you will never return".

I thank her for seeing me free... the state of Virginia is 1 percent law, 99 percent possession, as you know, America is 1 percent law, 99 percent property. The house she lived in was a Governor's Estate. The fact is, Virginia is so procrastinated that legal positions are basically a position that men delay a final in law. The procrastination of reviewing a dream is far different than living a dream. She knew what she had for the state - she was a very successful woman in business, family and the "law". She never lied intentionally and she always said, "If my signature is weak, you will know it is not me at the time."


I settled for $1.00 my estate claim in Virginia and moved to America for life.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lilac Bridge and a day shoot

Riverside, CA on a model photo session.

Lilac Bridge Interstate 15 into San Diego - the best city in
America (if you love life, you'll visit)

A lovely home
on Interstate 15 just before the
Lilac Bridge going South.

Could not resist photographing
the first trash bag
I have scene in Vista, CA

Entering a Hispanic Market
a cool bicycle wheel.

Saw tis broken eye glass
at a parking lot. Whew... D.O.

This was a first proposal on my knees to a local girl. Death went its way - another trick
in the scene.

My Saturn 2007 38666 miles - rarely drive except to LA
where the upper photograph was developed with
an excellent photographer and a great model.