Thursday, March 3, 2016

SSN 136126787 Jeanes, Isaac (father and husband),_Isaac.jpg

My Dad, is now with his Father, in heaven. He was at the table of life. He was with a great will and trust of the United States and thought well of the American Revolution. Independence is achieved over an oppressor. He was a great friend of the people. He had a terrific wake. For his witness, in Jesus Christ, myself, his son, Joe Jeanes, and for a contract discrepancy in the local town, had to change my name to Joe Zao, a name that I felt good about with a computer filename, Zao, three letters, to achieve a MS-DOS record at the time. His love was great. To the limits he kept wife, family, country and went to God for record. I sincerely was blessed to be an American in the communication age of choice. His death for record in Social Security is listed as : 136126787 Jeanes, Isaac (father and husband)
223161294 Jeanes, Frances P (Wife) Mark Chapter 10:6-9

We have a great responsibility in America. It is a contract between the living, the dead and the unborn. Thanks to Dr. Shaughnessy a Boston professor that taught government at my Germanna Community College where dad was to have had his position if not for his being hired at the time for history and government.

I sincerely enjoy the USA as a faith in your father's nation and God Speed to the faith of a people, a new and unique nation, willing to assist the oppressed. To the wisdom of the ages, America is a noble nation.,_Isaac.jpg

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Memory in 2014 - A Wonderful Day for the Gifts of God and our love of each other.

 This song is exact about my life with a woman named Roni (Veronica) Gilbert, Portland I Corinthians 11:3. My advice, stick to the vows given, and do not tilt the crown - it is as intended. Gollam (Led Zeppelin) Ramble On took her. The woman should have listened to her mother. Do not date Joe, he is from a low class family. Her only request of her daughter. The young woman, saved my life.
When your mother tells you to pick someone up only once that is one thing, however, never, pick up a lower demographic. It was one of those prison exchanges in society. Society from my birth Mother (FPJ) and (IWJ) family order killed her.

She is in heaven obviously and is the first General of knowledge, to be buried in Arlington Cemetery for her service to the nation and international orders in banking. Life is a sacred contract. She had the most beautiful treasure chest that she inherited from her mother. We never got as far a jam. Her mother said, in her own way, she was not fully married to know what jam at breakfast was. We went that far. Virginity is deep and it never ends.  

Thank you, Norah Jones, for the concert in
San Diego. This was an extremely sensitive concert
with this song. As the Globe Theatre, we are all actors
on the stage. Sensitive spoken thoughts need
a wall beyond mental order, a wall of free will and choice. Love is God.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Roni Gilbert Oceanside Pier 1990

Roni Gilbert Oceanside Pier 1990

I met Roni at SEARS in 1986 - She was a DISCOVER Operations Manager

I had never met a more wonderful woman - she was a gift; from God

I was 35 years old. I had arrived with $100.00 on an Amtrak. For the first three months in Oceanside, CA my residence was on Pacific Street, near Buccaneer Beach. Very little has changed on the beach, today is September 19, 2014.
The first day I went to work at SEARS, Roni told them to hire me. In a few months, I had never been so happy in my life. In forty days she explained everything a person should know about how to win a woman. The job began about January or February. I had arrived in November. About Sept 19, 1986 the most important day in my life, I had made a great girlfriend. She was the most intelligent woman ever in my life. She had me read a book in the library. It indicated, she had a lover, a husband, and a boyfriend. I was confused. She laughed, and said that is you. Then she had me read Romeo and Juliet. I kept having her say, read page one. I did not understand. Read page one, over and over? She laughed with her naturally lusty self and said, "Deny your Father, Deny his name".
My mother killed her in revenge.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Adams Garden... America

I will physically be dead in a few years. I have been totally isolated in my faith and all my property stolen for my faith. I only have Jesus Christ for my witness. God loves a cheerful giver. When I die, and it will not be many years from now, I am 61, America was not a friendly country at all. I will be received in God's Kingdom at death but America was a worthless experience in his name. It was a void in his word, his love and deed. I enjoy the love of God and his word and feelings - America had no human touch or family and there is no memory of this country in his name or touch. The Episcopal Church oversaw the abandonment and took joy in isolating me using psychiatry for all of its family needs. I have lived in no other country and as far as I know, the United States eliminates everything it teaches and pays its enemies more not to hurt it. I feel the USA is the office of the Ambassador to hell and holds no content in anything superior to civilization. The best Sciences and communications were of no use... America preferred Satan as its internal God and ran it from its altar as a better way. The USA is a rather heartless country given the consideration. I like the Lord and his peace but there was no family or touch from the country... I will not be violent to be accepted in the court and there was no appeal without it. I like the treatise of John Locke and Adams Garden... America was hell to the intellect. I have no real memories of America helping anyone. It was a fall from grace to begin and never picked me up in anything.

I see America as if Jesus Christ had never lived or been born. There is no prayer for this nation. Pontius Pilate had more law - on appeal he would have found innocence the transcript without a holiday release for the drunks at trial. I witness America passing through - there is no memory of a human friend in this nation - you make people sick. Suicide Prevention Webcam video from October 19, 2012 7:56 PM (take one)   (I think life is a sacred contract... so do not expect me to die of political convenience. Suicide Prevention Webcam video from October 19, 2012 7:56 PM (take one)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivings!

Happy Thanksgivings!
from Joseph Jeanes
to Pilgrim's Progress.